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Everything you need to know about cough screens

In a society where everyone has to keep 2 metres apart, a cash register cough screen is a good solution to protect your employees and customers. Ideal for supermarkets, clothing retailers, greengrocers, takeaways and many other businesses. It’s easy to position this sturdy cash register cough screen as a partition between your counter and the cash register. The material is twice as light and 30 times as strong as standard glass. You can easily clean and disinfect a cash register cough screen with Vuplex anti-static cleaner or alcohol.

Transparent cash register cough screen or sneeze screen cash register

We offer transparent cash register standing cough screens in 2 sizes: 60 cm wide x 80 cm high and 120 cm wide x 80 cm high. You can position a cash register screen with pedestals in no time. These models are especially suitable for placing on a counter or counter as a plastic shield between your cashiers and customers. A hanging cash register screen is particularly useful for supermarkets. You can hang them from the ceiling in next to no time using the two suspension holes. Cash register screens are also known as PERSPEX® screens or counter screens.

Why install a cash register cough screen?

It’s often difficult in supermarkets and other shops to keep 2 metres apart when customers are paying for their purchases, so a plastic cash register cough screen is a good solution. Cash register screens prevent these droplets form spreading.

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Do you need a plastic cough screen for your cash register? Whether you want a hanging cash register screen or a standing plastic cough screen, you can order them directly through our webshop. These ready-made cough screens are produced and are ready for shipping within 5 – 15 working days.


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