Hanging system for acrylic screen
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Hanging system for acrylic screen

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Description Hanging system for acrylic screen

It’s quick and easy to suspend your hanging plastic screen by attaching it to the ceiling. The main advantage of this suspension system is that the plastic sheet is simply clamped into place with the screws, plugs and Allen key supplied. Plastic screens are the answer to the problem of protecting your employees and customers. This suspension system is suitable for hanging acrylic sheets with thicknesses of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. Order the acrylic sheet separately with the exact measurements you require and we will cut it to size for you free of charge.


This suspension system consists of 3 parts: 2x a stainless steel ceiling holder, 2 x a stainless steel panel holder and stainless steel wire. You mount the stainless steel wire with Allen fixings. The suspension system comes with an Allen key. Quick, easy and safe.

Suspension system for acrylic screen:

  • Regarding two panel holders
  • Stainless steel ceiling holder for fixing stainless steel wire 1.5 mm to the ceiling, floor or wall.
  • Stainless steel panel holder for top mounting on 1.5 mm stainless steel wire.
  • 1.5 mm thick stainless steel wire, 10-metre pack.
  • Allen key included.
  • Only suitable for plastic sheets with a thickness of 3 mm to 6 mm.
  • Acrylic sheet not included.
  • Suitable for a maximum load of 15 kg, if mounted correctly.

Top tip:

  • Do you intend to attach the screen to a suspended ceiling? Order this ceiling clip, designed for quick and easy mounting on a suspended ceiling.
  • Treat the acrylic with an anti-static cleaner. This prevents static charge of the material and stops it from attracting dust.
  • To prevent your screen from sagging, we recommend using a sheet with a maximum width of 100 cm. This will ensure that the maximum distance between the 2 holders is 80 cm and the panel has a maximum overhang of 20 cm (10 cm on each side). If you need wider shielding, it’s better to use 2 suspension systems.

Attaching the suspension system to the ceiling clip

Are you going to use the suspension system with the ceiling clip? Attach it using an M4 screw and bolt that you simply tighten through the hole in the ceiling clip.
PLEASE NOTE: M4 screw and bolt not included.

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