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Counter screen

The counter screens we sell are made of Plexiglass, also known as acrylic sheet or perspex sheet. A cough counter screen, also known as counter shielding, acts as a protective wall between cashiers and customers. Most viruses spread through droplets that are dispersed through the air with coughing and sneezing, so you can stop these droplets from spreading with a perspex counter screen and protect receptionists and cashiers against viruses.

Why an acrylic counter screen or shop counter screen?

The big advantage of acrylic is that it’s twice as light and 30 times as strong as ordinary glass. This material is also easy to clean and disinfect with alcohol or Burnus anti-static cleaner. Because Plexiglass is just as clear as ordinary glass, this material is ideal for counter screens or shop counter screens. Counter screens are also sometimes sold as cough screens, perspex screens or counter shielding.

Buy perspex counter screen or shop counter screen

If you need a counter screen or cash register screen, you can order it directly through our webshop. These ready-made perspex counter screens are produced and ready for shipping within 2-10 working days.

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