Three budget-friendly ways to upcycle kitchen cabinets

Are you bored with your kitchen, and would like an affordable way to renovate it? Upcycling your kitchen cabinets is an easy and inexpensive way of bringing your kitchen right up to date. In this blog, we’re bringing you three budget-friendly ideas for new kitchen cupboard doors using acrylic sheet. Whether a rustic, traditional kitchen or a sleek contemporary style, replacement cabinet doors allow you to create a kitchen to suit your taste.

# 1. Renovating contemporary kitchen doors

When you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen cabinet doors, acrylic sheet might not be the first thing that springs to mind. Do you love a chic, contemporary style? This is the ideal way to transform your kitchen into a luxurious space for cooking and entertaining. The options are endless: create a high-gloss white kitchen with glossy white perspex or a matte black kitchen with matte black acrylic. Matt acrylic kitchen doors are ideal for a busy kitchen, as this material hardly shows any fingerprints.

Instructions for replacing your kitchen cabinet doors

  • Measure the doors that you want to cover.
  • Order custom acrylic sheet in our webshop.
  • Remove the handles from your kitchen cupboards.
  • Attach double-sided tape along the edges of the existing door.
  • Remove the backing from the tape.
  • Grab the Seal ‘n bond acrylic adhesive.
  • Place a roll of sealant on the inside of the tape (not too thick!).
  • Remove the protective film from the acrylic sheet and affix the panel to your kitchen door.
  • Open the cupboard door and measure where the handles should go.
  • Get a drill bit with the correct diameter by matching with the existing holes in the doors. Carefully drill through the acrylic from the inside. If you want new handles, drill the holes from the outside.

Tip: read more about how to drill acrylic sheet in our blog “Drilling acrylic“.

# 2. Make country style kitchen doors

This idea for refurbishing the kitchen may need a bit more DIY experience than the previous one. But the result is worth it! If you have wooden kitchen cabinet doors and would like to add glass to them, use a jigsaw to cut a rectangular hole. Paint the cupboards white or the colour of your choice. Attach clear acrylic sheet to the inside of the doors, rather than standard glass. The result? A fresh kitchen with a rustic and spacious look. Glass kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to show off attractive tableware.

Tip: Would you rather not be able to see through, but love the light, airy look? Use frosted acrylic sheet instead of clear.

# 3. Update your kitchen cupboards – a playful effect in contrasting colours

Do you like things to be lighthearted, vibrant and a bit different? Try this idea for renovating your kitchen cabinets. In our range of coloured acrylic, you’ll find a wide range of colours with both a matte and glossy side. Get creative and alternate different colours and matte and gloss finishes. For example, cream, a warm and inviting colour, combines well with other colours, such as blue, red or green.

Clean your acrylic kitchen doors regularly using an anti-static cleaner. This prevents the acrylic from attracting dust, and it stays beautiful longer.

Ordering acrylic sheet for cheap replacement kitchen doors?

Did this DIY inspire you to renovate your kitchen using acrylic sheet? Order your acrylic directly in our webshop. Here, you’ll discover clear and matte acrylic as well as white and an array of coloured acrylic. We cut everything to the size you need for free and ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. If you have any questions about renovating kitchen cabinets or about one of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.