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Everything you need to know about screens for reception desks

Our range of reception screens are manufactured in acrylic or PERSPEX® and are ideal for protecting receptionists and checkout staff. The PERSPEX® screen or acrylic screen acts as a protective barrier between your receptionists and customers. The spread of infectious diseases through airborne droplets from coughing and sneezing can be stopped with a reception screen.

Types of shields for reception

In our range of plastic screens for reception desks, you will find freestanding screens made of acrylic that you can set up on your reception desk or counter instantly. Thanks to the sturdy bases made of 8 mm thick acrylic, your screen will be both sturdy and neat looking. Our range includes these screens in two sizes. The reception screen with a size of 60 cm wide x 80 cm high is very suitable for a small reception area. We also offer a reception screen with a size of 120 cm wide x 80 high for more spacious locations.

Cleaning PERSPEX® reception screens

Cleaning our reception screens is very easy. You can disinfect them in an instant using our special plexiglass disinfection set. This disinfectant kills bacteria and can be used for reception screens made of PERSPEX® or acrylic sheet and polycarbonate. We also recommend that you clean your plastic screen regularly with Vuplex anti-static cleaner. This cleaning agent ensures that the acrylic does not attract dust.

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