How to cut PVC

PVC sheets can be cut or sawn. Do you need to cut a PVC sheet thinner than 5 mm? If so, it’s easy to cut it with a good craft knife. In this blog, we’ll explain three ways of cutting PVC sheets up to 5 mm thick.

Requirements for cutting PVC

  • Creasing knife or other cutting tools
  • Masking tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Steel straight edge or ruler
  • Safety glasses

How to cut PVC: the basics

You can cut hard PVC and foamed PVC thinner than 5 mm in various ways. The best cutting method will depend on what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re going to cut a straight line, you can easily cut the PVC sheets using a Stanley knife. Use a steel straight edge or ruler to ensure that the cut is straight. And make sure you use safety glasses and mark your cutting line on a piece of masking tape before you start. To create shapes from PVC, you can use a shearing or plotter machine or water-cut your PVC. Milling PVC moulding is also possible.

How to cut PVC with a Stanley knife

Foamed PVC, also called foam board, can often be cut in one cutting movement. It’s best to cut hard PVC up to 5 mm in stages. Move the knife through the cutting line in three steps; it’s better to cut a few times lightly rather than cutting firmly in one go. It’s safer, and you get a better cutting line.

How to cut PVC with a panel shearing or plotter machine

You can also cut foamed PVC on a panel shearing machine or a plotter machine. The maximum sheet thickness depends on the capabilities of the device. Contact the machine manufacturer for the maximum sheet thickness of foamed PVC.

How to cut PVC with a waterjet

Cutting with a waterjet (water cutting) is a suitable method for both hard and foamed PVC sheets. With this technique, the cut is made by a powerful water jet. This process gives very accurate cutting. Waterjet cutting PVC is widely used for making machine parts, building products and house lettering. It’s best to leave this way of cutting PVC to a professional.

Order foamed PVC and hard PVC online

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