Foamex boards

At we stock a large range of Foamex boards. Our Foamex boards are foamed PVC sheets, also known as Forex®. The sheets have a dense, hard top layer and a foamed core. This makes foamed PVC just as sturdy as solid PVC at only half the weight.  Foamex boards are an ideal material for do-it-yourselvers. The sheets are easy to handle and lend themselves for painting or printing on the top layer. Foamed PVC sheets are UV resistant which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The sheets come with a protective film on one side to prevent damage from transport and handling. The Foamex boards are cut to size free of charge and will be ready for delivery within 48 hours.

Characteristics of Foamex PVC boards

Foamex is a kind of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and it is important to realise that there are two varieties of PVC: foamed PVC and solid PVC. Foamex is a form of foamed PVC, which is a lightweight plastic; as it weighs less than half a gram per square centimetre. Foamed PVC weighs half as much as solid PVC, making it easy to handle and a choice material for advertising and sign making. Especially, since Foamex PVC boards are also suitable for several printing methods. Many advertising signs in stores are made of foamed PVC. The surface of the material is smooth, but not hard like solid PVC sheets. Foamex boards have a foamed PVC core, which makes the material so light. Foamed PVC sheets have other useful and important characteristics, for example: they are fire retardant and heat and sound insulating. Additionally, the versatile material is suitable for alterations such as drilling, sawing and cutting, making the material a common choice in construction.

Solid PVC sheets are significantly heavier and stronger than Foamex boards, making them more durable and abrasion resistant. Solid PVC sheets are extremely workable, and sawing and milling are easy tasks. Due to this shape stability, solid PVC sheets is often used as brace material (adjustment and filling sheets) in heavy duty machinery. Another important quality is solid PVC’s high chemical resistance, which makes the material popular for applications in laboratories and in the chemicals industry. Finally, PVC is well known for being electrically insulating. Solid PVC is therefore commonly applied as electric tubing and to cover electric equipment.