Velcro tape set
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Velcro tape set

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4.3 / 167 ratings

Description Velcro tape set

Use this Velcro tape set to mount your acrylic window seal for the mobile airco. This Velcro tape set offers a number of nice advantages: it is easy to mount, the window seal is easy to remove and mounting in the window frame is possible for both inward and outward opening windows.

In the table below, you will find the requirements your window frame must meet for mounting your acrylic window seal with this Velcro tape set.

Velcro requirements
Window opens inwards or outwards
Frame thickness at least 1 cm
Longest side of the window maximum 1.5 metres
No protruding hinges or window stays
Flat surface for good adhesion of the Velcro strip


This Velcro tape set consists of a rough side the ‘hook’ and a soft side the ‘loop’. You mount the soft side on or in the window frame. You place the rough side on the edges of your acrylic window seal for the air conditioner. Mounting this set is very easy. Cut the Velcro to size with scissors and stick it onto the acrylic and the frame. Velcro gives a strong connection, so we recommend gluing a handle on the acrylic to easily remove the window seal whenever you want. Please note that the adhesive layer may be difficult to remove and can leave adhesive residues.

Find specific information about the self-adhesive Velcro tape set here:

  • 1 roll of 5 metres of the rough hook side of tape
  • 1 roll of 5 metres of the soft loop side of tape
  • The Velcro tape is 1 cm wide
  • Both sides of tape come with self-adhesive glue