Handle for window seals
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Handle for window seals

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Description handle for window seals

This handle in acrylic has been specially designed for fitting window seals for mobile air conditioners. As the handle is made of transparent acrylic, it is very discreet and does not attract attention. By fitting a handle to the acylic panel, you can easily place the window seal for a mobile air conditioning on fixed windows and remove it just as easily!


This handle allows you to easily install and remove your acrylic mobile air conditioning window seal. This discreet handle is made of 10 mm clear acrylic and comes with a protective film. This practical accessory has been specially designed to be fitted to acrylic panels and applied to the mobile air conditioner window seal.

How do I fit the handle?

You can easily fix the handle to acrylic using Rody Rapid adhesive. Glue the handle to the top of the acrylic window seal, about 20 cm from the edge. Below are four simple steps to fix your handles in a jiffy.

1. Measure where you want to place the handle.
2. Remove the protective film from the handle and the protective film from the window seal on the side where you want to place the handle.
3. Now apply the adhesive to the underside of the handle and press lightly on the plate.
4. Leave the glue to set for at least an hour, and voilà!

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