Make a DIY catio in your garden with polycarbonate

Give your indoor cat the benefit of regular fresh air by making a DIY window catio. The advantage of making your own outdoor cat enclosure is that you can design it exactly how you want and it’s cheap to do. The main thing to remember for any outdoor catio is that it must be constructed with a roof to stop your cat escaping. Polycarbonate is ideal for this purpose. In this blog, we’re going to give you some tips on how to make a DIY outdoor cat enclosure using polycarbonate sheets.

DIY catio

The basics of making your own cat enclosure for outside

Before you start constructing your catio, decide where it’s going to go. Your cat must be able to access it readily, so build it a spot in the garden or on a balcony that has a cat flap or a window you can open. Building the framework of a catio can be tackled in the same way as making a DIY patio canopy. For more detailed instructions, view our blog “Making your own patio cover”. Cover the sides of your outdoor cat enclosure with chicken wire or flexible fishing net. To protect your cat from chilly breezes, you could also install a clear acrylic windshield. These are easy to fix to the wooden framework with spacers.

DIY catio in your garden

Build your own outdoor catio with clear polycarbonate

Safety is paramount when it comes to your beloved cat. That’s why we recommend using 6mm thick polycarbonate to make the roof of the cat enclosure. This type of plastic is 250 times as strong as glass, while it weighs only half as much. Would you like to keep as much light as possible? Then we recommend using clear polycarbonate.

Making a cheap catio with tinted polycarbonate

Does your cat appreciate a little more shade? Then grey or brown-tinted polycarbonate makes a very suitable catio roof. Bear in mind that the thicker the tinted polycarbonate, the shadier it will be. All the types of polycarbonate in our range are UV resistant and, last but not least, fire-resistant. Another advantage of polycarbonate is that it retains heat, making it ideal for an all-season catio. During very hot weather or in heavy rain, it is, of course, advisable to keep your cat indoors.

are you going to cut polycarbonate yourself? Read our blog How to cut polycarbonate? for some handy tips & tricks.

Order polycarbonate cut to size for making your catio

Are you inspired to build a DIY catio with a safe roof? Order your polycarbonate directly in our webshop, and we will cut the sheets to size for you free of charge. To make sure that you select the correct thickness, we recommend consulting our free thickness aid before placing your order. If you have a question about this job or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.