How to build a bird feeder

Making your own bird feeder is a fun project to tackle and is easy to do. Especially during the winter months, birds appreciate having a place where they can eat safely. Expert tip: make it from clear acrylic sheet! Then you can admire all the hungry birds that drop by for a snack. In this blog, we’re going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to make a DIY bird feeder for small birds only.

What you need to make a bird feeder house

How to build a bird feeder necessities

The basics of making a unique bird feeder

In our example, we’re going to make a bird feeder from 6 mm thick clear acrylic sheet (Perspex). Order your acrylic directly from our webshop, and we will saw the sheets to size for you for free. The only thing you have to do yourself is to saw off the sides diagonally. You’ll also need Acrifix acrylic adhesive for glueing your bird feeder.

The measurements of the acrylic sheets:

Step 1: Order the clear acrylic sheets to make your ground bird feeder

Once you have decided on the measurements for your acrylic bird feeder, order the acrylic sheets in our webshop. We recommend ordering cast acrylic rather than the cheaper extruded version. This is because you’re going to saw the sides diagonally and cast acrylic is less likely to tear or break while being machined.

Step 2: Saw the sides of your bird feeder

Once you’ve received your acrylic sheets and acrylic glue, it’s time to get started. Leave the protective film in place while you cut the sides diagonally. Before you start, mark the cutting line on masking tape.

Sawing acrylic with circular saw

Step 3: Glue your homemade bird feeder

Stick masking tape to the acrylic sheet, at a distance of 6 mm from the edges that you’re going to glue. Take the Acrifix glue and apply it. Hold the glued sheets in place with masking tape and wait 20 minutes for the adhesive to react. Acrifix is ​​a reaction adhesive that allows both surfaces to fuse. Repeat this procedure until you have assembled your homemade bird feeder. Then allow three hours while the Acrifix hardens and cures properly.

Step 4: Finishing your homemade bird feeder

Now that you’ve almost finished your bird feeder, you can round off the sharp edges with sandpaper. Apply a little Burnus anti-static cleaner to prevent the acrylic sheet from attracting and fill your bird feeder with bird food. Find a place for it in the garden: you could attach it to a pole or hang it on a fence, for example.

How to build a bird feeder

Ordering acrylic sheet to make bird feeders

Has our demonstration inspired you to make your own bird feeder? Another idea for your next DIY project could be to make an acrylic bird feeder. In our webshop, you will find cast acrylic in a wide range of thicknesses. We cut all the sheets to the size you require for free. If you have a question about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!