Window seal for portable air conditioners

Want to keep the heat of the hot summer outside and the coolness of your air conditioner inside, while saving on energy costs? For the best solution, get a plastic window seal. Order your ready-to-use, clear acrylic window seal, including a custom-made cut-out for the AC exhaust hose.

No more struggling with ill-fitting solutions. Acrylic is sturdy, insulates well and does not fall down. And you will retain all the light too!

  • Completely cut to size
  • Simple order process
  • UV-resistant

What is a window seal for air conditioning?

A window seal for your air conditioner is, in short, an acrylic sheet with a hole for the exhaust hose of the portable air conditioner. You attach this sheet in, or on the window frame using Velcro or glazing clips. This cools the room efficiently, without hot air coming in through an open window. Permanent air conditioners use a hole in the wall for this purpose.

Below you will find pictures of installed acrylic window seals for air conditioners.

Window seal for portable air conditioners
Window seal for portable air conditioners
Window seal for portable air conditioners
Window seal for portable air conditioners

What types of window seals are available for mobile air conditioners?

There are several creative ways in which one can make your own window seal for an air conditioner. There is however a big difference between the aesthetics, effectiveness and durability of the different approaches.

In this overview, compare window seals for portable air conditioning made of acrylic, against the other most commonly chosen types of window seals.

Choose a mounting method for your acrylic seal, depending on your type of window.

Window sealing plastic sheet Window sealing fabric Adjustable sliding window set
Easy installation + + + + +
Aesthetic + + - - -
Isolation + + - +
Soundproof + - - +
Quality + + - - +
Cut to size + + - - -

Advantages of acrylic window seals compared to Velcro or fabric

Acrylic as a window seal for air conditioning units, not only looks nice, it also insulates the room very effectively. This is because no warm air from outside gets through the acrylic sheet. The ease of use of the durable acrylic material is also much greater, because you can easily put it in or on your window frame and remove it just as easily. With an acrylic window seal for your portable air conditioner, you will also never have to deal with irritating dust blowing around again!

How can I order my custom-made portable AC window seal kit?

You order your custom-made mobile AC window seal in these three easy steps:

  • Enter desired dimensions On this product page, enter your desired height and width, and the diameter of the exhaust hose + 0.5 cm clearance.
  • Add accessories Add the necessary accessories needed for your method of mounting to your shopping basket
  • Ordering Order complete? Order now!

As soon as we receive your order, we will get straight to work. You will immediately receive an order confirmation and once your order has been shipped, you will also receive a Track & Trace link to follow your package. The accessories for assembling the seal are sent separately to prevent damage to the window seal.

An acrylic window seal air conditioner is…

  • Easy to use & assemble
  • Good heat & sound insulation
  • Made to measure
  • Visually attractive
  • No waving of fabric that is too loose
  • Energy-saving

How do I install the window seal for my air conditioner?

Follow these 4 simple steps and enjoy a cooling environment in no time thanks to custom-made window seals for your portable air conditioner.


  1. Step 1: Determine the right mounting method

    You have a choice of mounting with glazing clips or Velcro. You can choose what best fits your situation, based on the type of window you have.

    For outward-swinging windows, use the mounting method with glazing clips or Velcro. For an inward-turning window, it is best to choose the method with glazing clips.

  2. Step 2: Take the measurements of your window

    Based on the chosen mounting method, measure the dimensions of your window/frame. This way you can be sure that you are ordering an acrylic sheet with the correct dimensions.

  3. Step 3: Order the required products

    After measuring, you can order your window seal with the corresponding accessories for mounting.

  4. Step 4: Mounting the window seal

    You will be able to simply install the window seal for your mobile air conditioner after receiving your order. Follow the steps in the installation instructions to do so.