Drawing rules for uploading a DXF file yourself

Do you want to upload your own DXF file so that we can laser cut the desired shape for you? Please follow the guidelines below when drawing your design. Then upload your DXF file to order your shape immediately.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Make a 1:1 scale drawing using millimetres as the unit.
  • Keep the contour lines of your drawing as thin as possible (0.2 mm or thinner) and make sure that the lines form a closed whole.
  • Keep your DXF simple: it’s best to use circle, arc and line elements.
  • Upload a separate drawing for each type of plastic sheet.
  • Make sure your drawing is as basic as possible: so no size indications, hatches, area fills or frames.
  • The maximum size for your drawing is 2 cm smaller than the chosen sheet size.

Good to know:

  • We currently only process by laser cutting. We don’t do line engraving, surface engraving, etc.
  • Make sure you provide a DXF file type. As yet, we’re unable to process other file types.
  • Please export your file in millimetres and not in pixels, centimetres or inches.
  • Does your design have an inside corner? Be sure to allow a radius of at least 1 mm (the wider, the better). This prevents pressure on the corner that might cause the sheet to break.
  • Please note there is a tolerance of approximately 0.2mm per cutting line.