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Everything you need to know about our plastic sheets 30mm

Plastic Sheet Shop offers a wide range of plastic panels for various purposes. The number of options is enormous, but what is the most suitable sheet for your project? How strong should it be? On this page, we tell you everything you need to know about 30 mm thick plastic panels.

Material type(s)

Depending on the application, plastic panels may need to be thick or thin, translucent or strong. Clear acrylic sheet is an excellent example of this. This material is very robust and only gets stronger as the sheet thickness increases. A transparent acrylic sheet of 30 mm thickness will therefore not easily break.


Special features are durability and machinability. In addition, the panels are easy to process, environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Transparent panels of 30 mm are many times stronger than glass and much lighter.


The qualitative properties, colours and designs differ per material type. Stronger acrylic sheets are frequently chosen when protection or security is required.


The panels we offer are generally easy to saw, drill and mill with carbide woodworking tools. Our 30 mm cast acrylic sheets are characterised by excellent optical quality and good processing options. Lasering, sawing, drilling, milling, (hot) bending, engraving and polishing are no problem.


Transparent acrylic sheets of 30 mm thick made of cast acrylic are often used as a glass replacement for, for example, windscreens, aquariums and secondary windows. The clear acrylic looks exceptionally stylish and spacious.

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