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Everything you need to know about our plastic sheets 15mm

Our plastic panels are an excellent option for many applications and jobs. Thanks to their attractive appearance, ease of maintenance and strength, these sheets are popular for both the domestic DIYer and many kinds of commercial purposes.

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You can buy plastic panels online from our webshop. We have both registered brands and our own brands in our range. To achieve sustainable results and enjoy your purchase for a long time, it is essential that you carefully coordinate the application and choice of material when selecting the most suitable plastic panel.


The exact material-related differences between the different plastics are not apparent at first glance. However, typical features are low weight, elasticity and durability. Our selection aid provides you with individualised advice on the most suitable panel for your job in just a few clicks.


We offer 15 mm thick plastic panels in different materials, colours and designs, providing a suitable solution for every application. On this page, you will find all our 15 mm thick sheets.


Plastic panels are relatively easy to process. Tools used in metal or woodworking are suitable for most plastics. Check out our blogs and videos in the online shop and be inspired by the many ideas.


Are you looking for suitable window glazing? Then, we have the ideal solution. Our transparent acrylic sheets in a thickness of 15 mm are perfect for insulating draughty windows. They have a sound-absorbing and heat-insulating effect. Acrylic sheets with a thickness of 15 mm are also used for greenhouses. And our 15 mm thick HPL sheets are ideal for making a tabletop, for example.

Plastic panels 15 mm at the touch of a button: quick and easy

Use our handy online decision aid – it makes it easier for you to choose the most suitable plastic panel with a thickness of 15 mm.


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