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Everything you need to know about sneeze screens

Now that social distancing has become the ”new normal”, our sneeze screens offer a practical solution. In practice, it is not always necessary to keep a distance between cashiers and customers. With a sneeze screen made of acrylic sheet, you can prevent the spread of droplets from coughs and sneezes, so that you can protect your staff and customers. The screens are sturdy, easy to disinfect and ideal for supermarkets, pharmacies, schools and waiting rooms, and many other applications.

Types of PERSPEX® sneeze screens

Our range of sneeze screens includes both standing and hanging versions. All the sneeze screens are made of high-quality acrylic, which is 30 x stronger than a glass sneeze screen and twice as light. Our freestanding sneeze screens are very sturdy, thanks to the 8 mm thick acrylic bases, and they are also easy to assemble. We also offer hanging sneeze screens in various sizes that can be suspended both horizontally and vertically. Are you looking for a sneeze screen to hang from a suspended ceiling? Then opt for our sneeze screens with a suspension system and our handy ceiling clip set.

Cleaning and disinfecting an acrylic sneeze screen

Because the purpose of sneeze screens is to prevent the spread of sneeze and cough droplets, it is naturally very important to clean and disinfect the screens regularly using our special disinfection set. Regular treatment with an anti-static cleaner is also recommended to prevent the PERSPEX® or acrylic sheet from attracting dust.

Buying acrylic sneeze screens

Whether you are a retailer, coach, personal trainer or pharmacist who needs a sneeze screen, you can order our ready-made sneeze screens directly from our webshop. Your sneeze screen will be produced and prepared for shipping as soon as possible.


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