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Everything about our rigid plastic sheets

Plastic sheets differ considerably in their technical properties. This includes the hardness and elasticity. On this page we detail everything about our rigid plastic sheets, including solid PVC.


Solid PVC is a popular material that is used in the chemical industry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. These sheets are relatively heavy, at least in comparison to expanded PVC sheets, which are twice as light.


Rigid plastic sheets are chemical and heat resistant (up to 70°C). It is a great electrical insulator, pressure resistant and easy to process. It is also extremely fire resistant, and said to be self-extinguishing. Hard PVC is also resistant to chemicals, which makes it an ideal material for making drip pans or sinks for chemicals. In addition, solid PVC cannot be easily broken, so it is also vandal resistant.

PVC products have a long service life; polyvinyl chloride pipes have a service life of at least 100 years. The great advantage of PVC is that it is easy to recycle. At the end of its life, PVC can easily be shredded into granules, which serves as the basis for new PVC products.


This material is also known by other (brand) names including: Trovidur and Astralon.

Applications for hard plastic sheets

Hard plastic is an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor use.

Rigid plastic sheets are used for a wide range of applications and are often found in the fields of installation technology, the chemical industry and laboratories. Due to its weldability and bonding properties, solid PVC is often used for drip pans, sinks, insulation panels, tanks, pipes and electrical cabinets.

Solid PVC is also widely used for interior wall protection, but also specifically as exterior cladding.

Finally, rigid plastics are widely used in the advertising sector. The sheets are used for displays, billboards and stand material.

Processing rigid plastic sheets

Solid PVC is strong and easy to work with. It can be drilled, cut, stained, painted, lettered, milled, welded, turned and glued with a special PVC adhesive. In addition, this type of sheet can be hot-formed and sawn with a circular saw or a jigsaw.

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