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Everything you need to know about plastic screens

Clear plastic screens are the ideal way to make your shop or office proof. They act as a barrier to cough and sneeze droplets and prevent the spread. In our webshop, you will find a range of solutions, ranging from hanging plastic screens to standing plastic screens suitable for protection in the catering industry. All our plastic screens are made of acrylic sheet: 30 times as strong as traditional glass and twice as light.

Types of plastic screens

In our range of plastic screens, you will find desk or table screens in different sizes: useful to create a partition between two desks. For retailers, we offer clear plastic screens to place on or above your cash register. Can’t find the solution you need to protect your employees and customers? Then you can also opt to make a plastic cover yourself, for example by ordering a set of clamps for acrylic or our handy suspension system. You can then order a PERSPEX® sheet or acrylic sheet in the exact size you require.

Cleaning clear plastic screens

You will also find the correct materials for cleaning plastic screens in our range. It is very easy to disinfect your plastic screen with the special plexiglass disinfection set, including microfibre cloths and spray syringe. We also recommend regularly treating your plastic screen with an anti-static cleaner. This cleaning agent prevents static charge of the material and thus stops it from attracting dust.

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Would you also like to proof your company or organisation? Choose your solution from our range of plastic screens and order them directly through our webshop. We will prepare your order for shipment as soon as possible.


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