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Everything you need to know about clear flexible plastic sheets

Plastic sheets differ considerably in their technical properties. For example, their hardness or elasticity. On this page, we show you all of our elastic sheets and their properties.

Material type(s)

Our product range includes a large selection of plastic sheets in different colours, finishes and thicknesses. A frequently asked question is: which material is recommended? Because everyone expects something different from each sheet, we have developed the selection tool to give you personalised advice whenever and wherever you need it. Plastic sheets that are flexible and elastic are foamed PVC, solid PVC, PERSPEX®️, Acrylic and PE.


Each of these plastics has special properties such as transparency or hardness. Not sure which sheet is right for your application? Take a look at our handy selection or thickness tool if you are not sure. This way, you can quickly and easily get tailor-made advice, wherever and whenever you need it.


Foamed PVC, solid PVC, PERSPEX®️ and PE are available in various colours, finishes and thicknesses. They include transparent variants as well as coloured sheets. The clear Acrylic sheets, for example, are ideal for outdoor applications because they are resistant to UV radiation; this means the panels do not yellow in the sun. Each material has different properties. Not sure which sheet you need? Then use our selection tool for tailor-made advice.


Our flexible sheets can be used for many different applications. As each material has different properties, we recommend using the selection tool to select the right material first. That way, you can be sure that your plastic sheet is suitable for your application.


Our plastic sheets made of foamed PVC, solid PVC, PERSPEX®️ and PE are generally easy to process. Use the many tips in our blogs and videos to find the right sheet for your needs.

Flexible plastic sheets at the push of a button: quick and easy

With our selection tool, we give you personalised advice whenever and wherever you need it. You simply select the desired properties, and a list of suitable plastic sheets is displayed.


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