DIY: Acrylic table top for your garden table

Perfect for when your garden table could use a makeover or when you need a new look: an acrylic table top for your garden table. You can create a whole new table in no time. A particularly attractive side effect: we cut the acrylic sheet to your measurements free of charge so that even novice handymen can get started on this DIY project.


Step 1: Mark the holes

We start by pre-drilling the acrylic sheet so that you can easily fix the screws later. Note: leave the protective film in place while drilling so that you prevent damage to the material. To ensure that the holes are all neatly in proportion, stick a piece of masking tape on all four corners of the acrylic sheet, then mark the holes on this. Do this 20 millimetres from the edge, so that the Plexiglass does not tear.

Plexiglass table top step 1

Step 2: Drilling the Acrylic

Place the acrylic sheet on the table. You can simply leave the old table top in place. Then drill the holes in the sheet. Make sure the drill does not turn too fast. Read more tips about drilling acrylic in our blog about this topic. Then use the countersink to countersink the holes. Drill holes in the old table top at the same place.

Plexiglass table top step 2

Tip: go for cast rather than extruded acrylic as it is much easier to work.

Step 3: Assemble the Acrylic table top

Now it’s time to remove the protective film and assemble the acrylic sheet. Assembly is done by turning the screws in the drill holes. Don’t do them up too tightly, because then there is a risk of the sheet cracking.

Step 4: The finishing touch

If you have assembled the acrylic table top properly, it’s time for the finishing touch: treat the table top with Burnus antistatic cleaner. This agent makes the Plexiglass antistatic and protects the surface so that your new table top stays nice and dust-free for longer.

Note: don’t use a scouring pad for cleaning your new table top as it may scratch the surface.

More DIY job ideas with Plexiglass

Acrylic sheet is very versatile: if you want, you can give your entire house a makeover with this multi purpose material. In our blogs, you will find the best DIY project ideas for acrylic. For example, read how to make an acrylic shower enclosure, design a planter or lamp with acrylic sheet and replace your balcony glazing with this type of plastic.

Get started: order your acrylic table top right away

In our webshop, you will find acrylic sheet in many different colours and finishes, so you are guaranteed to find the ideal sheet for your table. Do you have any questions about our products or can you use some DIY advice? Please contact us!