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Are you looking for a unique table top made to measure and in any desired shape? Plasticsheetsshop is the right place for you. You can order your desired custom-made table top from us at a low price. Our table tops are available in many different colours. Order a custom-made table top online in the colour of your choice, a black or white table top for example, or a custom-made anthracite table top. This way you can be sure that you choose a table top that exactly meets your wishes. On our website we will tell you everything you want to know about table tops and the possibilities at Plasticsheetsshop.

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Order table tops made to measure

If you want to make a table yourself, you may be looking for a specific shape or size. At Plasticsheetsshop you can easily order a table top made to measure. This is certainly useful if, for example, you want to make a table yourself that does not have a standard shape or size. Did you know that you can even have us mill shapes, recesses and drill holes out of your table top? On our product pages, you can easily put together your desired table top using the practical order module.

Would you like to order a completely unique shape? Then upload your own design in a DXF file to the product page of the plastic table top of your choice. In this DXF file tutorial you will find everything you need to process your own design in a DXF file drawing. Please follow our drawing instructions.

Optimal board thickness for a table top

When choosing a table top, it is important to choose a top with the right board thickness. If you want to mount your table top on an existing table, a top thickness of 3 to 6 mm is sufficient. Do you want to mount the table top on a base frame? Then make sure that the maximum overhang of the top from any support point does not exceed 15 cm. In this case, we recommend a table top thickness of 6 mm or more.

Important note: Do you not want to mount the table top on a base frame? Then there is a slight risk that the plastic top will bend, just as can happen with wood. The following applies: the thicker the top, the lower the risk of the top bending. You also cannot exert any force on the board if it is too thin and/or not mounted. This means that you will then also not be able to lean on the table top.

Suitable materials for a table top

You can choose from various materials for table tops. We believe that HPL is the best choice. This is because of the properties of this material. As you can see in the table below, the material properties of an HPL board make it ideal for use as a table top. As you can see, acrylic, glass or PLEXIGLAS® is also very suitable as a table top.

To enable a good comparison between the different plastics and other materials, conventional glass and wood are also included in the overview. In this way, you can compare all these materials at a glance.

HPL Acrylic Glass Wood
UV resistant + + + + + + +
Impact resistant + + - + +
Weather resistant + + + + + -
Scratch resistant + + - + + +
Hygienic + + + + + + -
Does not sag + + + + -

Our advice

Mounting the table top

It is possible to provide an HPL table top with a screw thread so that the top can be easily screwed onto a substructure. To do this, select the blind holes in the calculator. Using a plastic hammer, often also called a nylon hammer, threaded inserts can be easily driven in to the holes.

Mounting the table top with screws or glue

When mounting a table top, you have the choice between screws and glue. When mounting with glue, it is important to choose the right glue. For individual advice, please use our practical adhesive finder. When gluing a table top, it is important to fix the top well while the glue is curing. It is best to use screw clamps for this purpose. If necessary, use a board to distribute the force of the screw clamps over a large area and to avoid marks on your table top.

If you want to screw the table top, it is best to mount the screws from top to bottom. This means that the screw head is visible. It is best to use countersunk screws. This way, the screw head is not felt and is less visible. In our range you will find screws in the same colour as many of our sheets.

If you want to mount acrylic or HPL with screws, the sheet must first be pre-drilled. You can also have us make these drill holes in the top for you in advance. If you want to mount your table top in a frame from above, please make sure that the drill hole is 1 to 2 mm larger than the screw diameter. This will allow the plastic tops to expand and shrink.

Bonding this material

You want to glue this material with another material? Use the Glue Calculator to find out which product is best suited for this purpose.

Glueing acrylic

Applications for which you can use a table top

Table tops can be used in a variety of ways. Because of its robust, functional and aesthetic properties, HPL is ideal for this. The four most popular HPL table top applications are:

  • Desk
  • Work table
  • Table top
  • Garden table

Acrylic glass is also frequently used as a table top. The disadvantage of acrylic glass is that it scratches more quickly than HPL. Acrylic glass is therefore less suitable as a table top for intensive daily use. Acrylic glass is also often used as a table protector. The thinnest versions of acrylic glass are usually used for this. Below you will find three of the most popular acrylic table top applications:

  • Side table
  • Table protector
  • Acrylic table top for outdoor use

Tip: Scratches are less visible on a matt PLEXIGLAS® version.


Oval acrylic table top
Oval HPL table top
Acrylic table top
HPL table top

Made to measure and configurable in any shape and size.

In the following simple steps, you can order your custom-made table top online:

  • Select product - Go to the product page of the material of the table top you want.
  • Enter shape, dimensions and quantity - Enter the desired shape, size and quantity in the configurator. You can also upload your own line drawing (DXF file) here if you want to order a very specific shape!
  • Add drill holes and cut-outs - Add the exact drill holes or cut-outs if required.
  • Order - Put your table top(s) in the shopping cart and order what you want directly!

Not yet sure which material or colour you want? Then first order a sample!

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Order your sample

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