Acrylic book stand

Have you ever thought about how to display your books in a stylish and practical way? An acrylic book stand could be the perfect solution. You can make them very easily from acrylic sheets. On this page, we tell you everything about acrylic book stands.

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What is an acrylic book stand?

An acrylic book stand is, as the name suggests, a stand made of acrylic on which you can place books.

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Advantages of an acrylic book stand

Stylish and modern: With its bright and shiny appearance, it adds a touch of modernity to any room.

Durable and strong: It resists cracking and breaking, making it a more durable choice than glass.

Easy-care: Fingerprints or dust? A soft cloth and some water are enough to make your stand shine.

Different types and styles: Thanks to the many colours and finishes of available acrylic, you can let your creativity run wild.

Why choose acrylic?

Book stands made of glass can break easily if they are dropped. Wood, in turn, can split due to changes in humidity. Acrylic does not have these disadvantages. It will not break or split easily, all of which makes it very durable.

Acrylic is also easy to work into any shape. Moreover, our shape calculator gives you all the tools you need to make a creative and handy book stand. Finally, there are many shades available for an original book stand look.

How do you care and maintain your stand?

A soft cloth in combination with an antistatic cleaner works the best for cleaning acrylic. This will prevent the book stand from becoming statically charged, it will therefore not attract dust. Do not use abrasive or aggressive agents when cleaning acrylic book stands. Even Glassex is not a suitable agent, and will damage the acrylic. To avoid scratches, place your stand on a soft surface and avoid placing sharp objects on it.

An acrylic book stand cut-to-size

At Plasticsheetsshop, you can easily order an acrylic book stand completely cut-to-size. Enter the dimensions in the product calculator and order your sheets cut-to-size.

Step-by-step guide

Take a look at our handy step-by-step guide: “Making an acrylic book stand” to see step-by-step how to make a beautiful book stand yourself.


An acrylic book stand is not only functional, but also a stylish addition to any room. Whether you go for a traditional design or an innovative one, there will always be the perfect stand for you.

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