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Our plastic panels are a good option for many purposes, for example, cladding stadiums, balcony cladding in high-rise buildings or wall cladding in cinemas and theatres. Both commercial and domestic customers use these high-quality plastic panels for interior and exterior design, thanks to their attractive appearance, ease of maintenance, and numerous processing options.

Material type(s)

We offer a wide choice of plastic panels that stand out for their quality and appearance. But what is the most suitable type for your project? The application is the most important point to remember when making a choice.


Plastic panels have many positive properties, such as ease of processing and lightness of weight. The properties of plastics naturally vary per material. But different characteristics can also arise within a material due to, among other things, how a sheet is made. For example, acrylic is available in a cast and an extruded budget variant. The difference between the two is in the manufacturing process. Cast acrylic is simply poured into the mould when it is still liquid, after which the sheet hardens. An extruded sheet is produced by heating the raw material then passing it through a roller. This is a much faster and less laborious process. However, because the material is pulled through the roller in one direction, internal tension is created in the sheet in that direction, making it less easy to process than cast acrylic. Extruded acrylic will therefore break or split faster during processing.


We have a wide range of 5 mm thick plastic panels. At the top of this page, you can see all the plastics we offer with a thickness of 5 mm. Not sure which sheet to go for? Our selection aid helps you select the most suitable material for your job quickly and easily. Simply fill in your desired properties, and the aid shows you the possible results!


Our plastic panels are generally easy to process. Check out our blogs and be inspired by the many ideas.


Plastic panels have excellent potential for indoor and outdoor applications. Do you want to create a functional, translucent and attractive covering? Then our transparent and tinted acrylic sheets or compact polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of 5 mm are suitable sheets for you.

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Use the online selection aid! Simply select the desired properties, and within a few seconds, you will see a list of possible suitable plastic panels. It couldn’t be easier.


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