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Everything you need to know about plastic sheets 4mm

Plastic panels are genuine all-rounders, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of applications. Would you like to learn more about our 4 mm thick plastic panels? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we explain the various options, and you will also find a clear overview of all our 4 mm thick products.

Material type(s)

Our range includes a large selection of plastic panels made of different materials, colours and thicknesses. We are often asked: “Which sheet thickness is suitable?” and “Which material do you recommend?”. When making your choice, the most important points to consider are the intended application and the material load. We offer a personalised answer to these questions with our handy thickness and choice aid.


The technical properties of plastics can vary within wide limits per material type, often due to the different base materials and manufacturing processes. Each material has its own characteristics – for example, HPL is very strong and weather-resistant and can easily last for 30 years, even when used outdoors. Acrylic sheet is another popular choice when looking for a more robust alternative to standard glass as it will not break or shatter when used as glazing.


We stock an extensive range of types of plastics in our shop. We offer 4 mm thick plastic panels in the variants at the top of this page. Here, you will find all types of 4 mm thick plastics in our range.


Plastic panels are generally easy to process. View our blogs in the online shop and be inspired by the many possibilities. You can also use our online thickness and selection aid to choose the correct sheet for the processing(s) you want to perform.


4 mm thick plastic panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Here too, the online decision aid can help you make your decision or serve as a final check. View our applications page for the possibilities.

Plastic panels 4 mm at the click of a button: quick and easy

Our selection and thickness aid gives you the advantages of a customer-oriented selection aid without having to leave the house. Simply select the desired properties, and a list of possible suitable plastic panels is displayed.


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