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Everything you need to know about our plastic sheets 25mm

Are you looking for a sturdy, clear plastic panel and do you value sustainability? Then you may have found the right candidate with our 25 mm thick plastic panels. Discover more about our 25 mm thick acrylic sheets on this page.

Material type(s)

We currently offer 25 mm thick sheets of clear acrylic. This material, also known as perspex, is often used in place of traditional glass.


Clear acrylic sheets are not only much stronger than glass, but they are also a lot lighter. This high-quality type of acrylic is called “cast acrylic“. The material is cast into large slabs during production. This procedure ensures that the sheet has no internal stresses, so transparent acrylic is suitable for various operations such as sawing, drilling, milling and (hot) bending.


We currently offer only 25 mm thick plastic panels in clear acrylic. Are you looking for another material? Then take a look at our 20 mm thick sheets. Not sure which thickness is the best for your application? Then take a look at our thickness aid, which will assist you with a few questions about the right thickness for your application.


Clear acrylic sheets are highly suitable for processing by sawing, drilling, milling and (hot) bending. View our blogs and videos in the webshop or use our practical decision aid. Our transparent acrylic sheet is produced by casting.


Thanks to the countless advantages and positive properties, acrylic sheets are suitable for various applications. For example, transparent acrylic sheets possess excellent UV resistance and are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Consider examples such as display cases, additional windows and even boat windows!

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With our online decision aid, you have individualised advice wherever and whenever you want. Simply select the desired properties, and a list of suitable acrylic sheets is displayed!


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