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Everything you need to know about PERSPEX® catering screens

Do you run a café or restaurant and are you looking for a space-saving solution for our society in which social distancing is now the “new normal”? Discover our PERSPEX® screens or acrylic screens on stands developed specifically for catering establishments. These catering screens are ideal as a partition between restaurant tables, without having to change the layout of the room. Easy to move and multi-purpose!

Types of hospitality screens

Our range of ready-made catering screens includes models for every situation, from freestanding plastic screens on stands to hanging PERSPEX® screens or acrylic screens to hang above the cash register. With a catering screen, you protect both your staff and customers because the acrylic acts as a barrier against airborne droplets from coughs and sneezes. Our plastic screens on stands are easy to assemble, easy to clean and as an added advantage they also function as a space divider. This space-saving solution is both safe and attractive. These screens are also sold as catering sneeze screens, PERSPEX® cafe screens, clear restaurant screens, or catering cough screens.

PERSPEX® shielding for restaurant or café

Our PERSPEX® catering screens or acrylic catering screens are suitable for cafes, restaurants, school canteens and other locations where the distance between tables and chairs is less than 2 metres. Disinfecting the plastic screen in your cafe or restaurant can be done quickly and effectively with our plexiglass disinfection set. It is also advisable to clean your PERSPEX® catering screen on a regular basis using an anti-static cleaner. This prevents it from attracting dust.

Buying PERSPEX® screens for the catering industry

Do you want to protect your catering staff and customers by installing PERSPEX® screens or acrylic screens for your catering establishment? Order your catering screen directly from our webshop. Are you looking for another solution? We offer a wide range of solutions to make your company or organisation proof. Also view our plastic screens for desksmonitor screenshanging PERSPEX® screens and freestanding PERSPEX® screens.


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