Light diffuser sheet

Light diffuser sheets can be used for many different purposes. An example is using a lightbox for decoration, or as a drawing table for children. You can personalise the light diffuser sheet with a logo or slogan, or use it as an advertising board or sign!

  • Customised order
  • UV-resistant
  • Different thicknesses

What do you use a light diffuser sheet for?

Light diffuser sheets are suitable for many different purposes. Below, we give you 4 examples of uses.

1. Advertising

A light diffuser sheet can be used for eye-catching advertising on business premises, at trade fairs or as a shop sign. The light emitted by the light diffuser sheet can be personalised with a logo or slogan. Using a LED light behind the sheet will make it stand out and draw attention to it.

Light diffuser sheet

2. Photography

For the best lighting for photos, give your studio a new lightbox made with a light diffuser sheet. This plastic lightbox will give you even more creative options than a fabric one does. You can, for example, place your products on top of your LED light diffuser sheet and light your products from underneath.

Light diffuser sheet
Light diffuser sheet

3. Drawing

A plastic light diffuser sheet is the perfect solution, when you want to make beautiful drawings. The soft but strong light helps you make your drawings with extra precision. A lightbox is also great for children to draw on. Why not transform an IKEA children’s table into a great light table?

IKEA hack light table
DIY light table blue led

4. Decoration

Hanging a lightbox creates a cool effect at home, in the office, or at an event. The beautiful light effects give every room a special effect.

Cut-out letters

To complete your light diffuser sheet, we offer you the option of ordering custom-made letters. You can order such custom-made letters in the order module by uploading a DXF file. Don’t yet know how to create a DXF file? No problem. We have made a handy video showing you how to create a DXF file – walking you through the entire process.

Order made to measure

On our product pages, you can quickly and easily order your light diffuser sheet. The order module allows you to order your sheets to size and in any desired shape. As soon as you have placed your order, we will start making it for you. You will be kept updated of the ordering process by email.

Acrylic light diffuser sheet

Below you will find more information about acrylic. This material is the most suitable to use as a light diffuser sheet. It is available in the variant opal white. This colour is milky and therefore lets light through without being transparent. This makes opal white acrylic the best sheet to use.

Which material is suitable?

Acrylic sheets
Pro's & cons Acrylic / PERSPEX®
  • Stronger than glass
  • Lighter than glass
  • UV resistant
  • Scratches faster than glass
Density 1.19 kg/m²/mm
Color options
Suitable thicknesses 2 - 10 mm

Our recommendation

You will find various cool colours in our wide range of plastic sheets. There is a suitable sheet for every job. Above, you will find the most frequently used products as LED light diffuser sheets. Not sure yet what thickness you need for your sheet? Our thickness calculator will help you make the right choice, wherever and whenever you want.

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