Frosted bathroom window

If there’s one room where privacy is essential, it’s the bathroom. A frosted glass bathroom window is the ideal solution to keep out prying eyes while still allowing the natural light to flood in.

A frosted glass bathroom window is very affordable

Replacing standard glass in a bathroom window with frosted acrylic glass doesn’t necessarily have to cost much if you use acrylic sheet. The main advantages of a frosted PERSPEX® bathroom window compared to a traditional frosted glass bathroom window is that it’s twice as light in weight, 30 times as strong and much cheaper than standard glass. You can replace the glass in a small bathroom window measuring 64 cm x 44 cm for just a few pounds.

Bathroom window without privacy

A frosted bathroom window made of acrylic sheet allows in plenty of light

Good to know: Acrylic lets more light pass through than standard glass. When you install a frosted bathroom window made of acrylic, you’ll naturally have more natural light in the bathroom than when you use traditional frosted glass. Your bathroom remains a space full of light, perfect for relaxing and where you can even add a few house plants.

Bathroom window privacy frosted glass

Bathroom window for more privacy

A frosted acrylic bathroom window is easy to install

Thanks in part to the light weight of a frosted or matt PERSPEX®, it’s easy for a competent DIY-er to install this type of bathroom window. View our blog “DIY: Replacing a window” for step by step instructions for tackling this project.

Cleaning tips for your frosted glass bathroom window made of acrylic

Treating a frosted glass bathroom window regularly with an anti-static cleaner and microfibre cloth will prevent the material from attracting dust and abrasive materials that might cause scratches, such as grit, sand and dirt.

Order a custom-cut bathroom window for privacy

In our webshop, you’ll discover a range of matt acrylic in various sizes and thicknesses, perfect for a frosted glass bathroom window. Measure the glass pane in your bathroom window and order your frosted glass replacement window directly in our webshop. We saw all the sheet material for you to size for free.