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Everything you need to know about acrylic letter panels

Our acrylic letter panels are ideal if you’re looking for attractive wall letters, numbers or shapes. We can laser cut an acrylic letter panel in any desired size and shape so you can be as creative as you like. Plastic letter panels are robust, hardwearing and easy to maintain. That’s why these panels are a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Applications of letter panels

Our acrylic letter panels are suitable for cutting out letters, numbers and any other desired shapes. These panels are ideal for outdoor use as wall signage or inside as a stylish decoration. You can go in any direction you like with our letter panels – the only limit is your imagination! Our professional sawmill can tackle any shape, however unusual, and we supply only top quality custom-made sheets.

Types of letter panels

We offer letter sheets in an array of stylish colours. All colour shades have a matte surface on the front and a high gloss surface on the back. These two sides can be reversed during production if desired. You can indicate this in our tool on the product pages. In addition, all our letter panels have zero translucency for the most beautiful effect.

Processing options

It’s easy to process an acrylic letter panel by drilling, bending (hot), milling, engraving, glueing, polishing or sawing as required. If you plan to attach the letters to a wall, we recommend using our spacers for the best result.

Thanks to its 8mm thickness, these panels are also very suitable for lasering. We are happy to do this for you! When lasering acrylic, the edge is crystal clear and neatly finished immediately. But if you saw the panel yourself, you get a blurred edge and possibly sawing stroke. To finish it neatly yourself takes a relatively large amount of work while we can do it all for you! For the best result, let us laser your panel in the shape and size you require.

Characteristics of letter sheets

Our high-quality materials all have their own qualities. For example, acrylic sheet is UV-resistant and very robust. Cast acrylic is 30 times as strong as regular glass, making these panels very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All our letter sheets are 8 mm thick and are available in different colours.

Maintenance of letter panels

Acrylic letter panels are very low-maintenance. It’s easy to keep these hardwearing panels clean with our special plastic cleaning products. Take a look at this page and find out all you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your acrylic letters.

Ordering letter panels

When you order your letter panels, we get to work for you straight away. We first laser cut the letters, then we pack them carefully. We will then deliver your order as soon as possible. Follow your order via your account on our website or via the Track & Trace code that you will receive by email.


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