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Everything you need to know about plastic sheets 2mm

Are you looking for a thin plastic panel? Then you’ve come to the right place for 2mm thick plastic. We offer a wide choice of plastic panels that are impressive both for their appearance and quality. But what is the most suitable sheet for your project? You will find all the relevant information you need to make the right choice on this page.

Material type(s)

It is vital to choose the most suitable material (strength, quality, etc.) for your project so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. The differences between our plastics are due to the raw material, the production process and additives. There are also visual differences. Think, for example, of surface structures, light transmission and colour shades. The weather can also affect the quality of our sheets; for example, PVC can discolour and become brittle due to UV radiation.


Our top-quality plastic panels offer you many advantages. Compared to other materials, they are generally inexpensive, easy to process, weather-resistant and durable. There are also many other benefits. However, it is essential to remember that the properties differ per material. For example, polycarbonate has a higher impact resistance than acrylic, so polycarbonate plastic sheets are more resistant to hail and storms.


We offer plastic panels in different colours, designs, sizes and thicknesses. The colours, designs, sizes and thicknesses differ per material type. For example, please view our clear acrylic sheets or our sturdy aluminium panels.


The technical properties of sheet plastics offer various processing options such as cutting, joining, sawing, milling, hot bending, cold bending, glueing and polishing. The options depend on the material type and quality. Use our decision aid or watch our videos or blogs.


Plastics are used outdoors and inside for a wide range of applications. The 2 mm plastic panel is most commonly used in the advertising sector, trade fair/shop construction, and DIY garden and kitchen projects. You can take advantage of a customer-oriented selection help with our decision aid. Simply select the desired properties, and within a few seconds, a list of possible suitable plastic sheets will appear.


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