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Polythene sheets

In our range we offer a variety of affordable polythene sheets. Polythene is also known as HDPE, PE or polyethylene sheets. We stock several sheet thicknesses, from 3 till 20 millimetres thick. Polythene is a material that is beloved in the machine construction industry. The tough material is easy to work with, and any sawing, drilling and milling can be accomplished without a problem. Polythene is suitable for a variety of applications: from fine mechanical parts to large covers. The maximum available sheets size is 200 by 100 centimetres. This engineering plastic can be cut to your required size free of charge and will be ready for shipment within 48 hours.

Properties of a polythene PE sheet

Polythene, HPDE or PE sheets are reasonably priced. The low price is caused by the inexpensive raw materials that are required, and by the relatively low weight of the end product. Therefore, polythene is often implemented when large areas need to be covered by a lid or protective cover. Polythene is a thermoplastic material, that is easy to weld for most do-it-yourselvers. Gluing the material at home, on the other hand, is not recommended: this is generally only done by professionals. Polythene is a tough material that is difficult to break, and it is suitable for high point loads. Because the material is so affordable, polythene sheets are often used as filling material to align machine parts.