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Everything you need to know about 15 mm polycarbonate

Our polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of 12 mm are perfect for use as ‘heavy duty’ material, for example for a basketball board. But this durable material is also very suitable for projects in the garden such as a cat run or patio canopy.

Applications for 15 mm polycarbonate

Polycarbonate with a thickness of 15 millimetres is very suitable for use as glazing for caravan and boat windows. Because it is such a strong material, it is also widely used as glazing against vandalism, or for burglary-sensitive objects such as bus shelters, bicycle sheds and waiting rooms.

Types of 15 mm polycarbonate

There are two types of polycarbonate: solid and channel sheets. In our webshop, we only sell solid polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are enormously strong, up to 250 times stronger than glass. This is why these sheets are often used as safety glazing.

Processing possibilities

Our strong polycarbonate sheets are easy to process. You can drill, saw, mill, turn, engrave, glue, polish and bend the material without it tearing at the fold line. On our blog you will find useful tips & tricks for working with polycarbonate. You can also find inspiration for your next project here!

Properties of 15 mm polycarbonate

The sturdy and transparent material is known for its enormous impact-resistance. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than normal glass and only half the weight! Polycarbonate has a class B1 fire rating, which means that polycarbonate is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing.

Maintenance of 15 mm polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is easy to clean with a mild household detergent and a soft microfibre cloth. Want to keep the sheet clean for as long as possible? Then use an anti-static cleaner. This will protect the surface of the sheet and prevent it from attracting dust.


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