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Thanks to their quality, appearance and durability, our plastic panels are an excellent choice for many applications. And so we can offer these sheets in the future, we are preparing for an increasingly sustainable society and are continually working on further development. As a result, most of our plastic panels carry the ‘Sustainable Choice’ label. This refers to Greencast® brand recycled panels. Consisting of 100% recycled PMMA, these sheets are the green alternative to regular acrylic.

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Our online shop offers an extensive range of plastic panels that stand out for their quality, lightness, and appearance. But which is the most suitable sheet for your project? Our tip: pay close attention to the exact application when making your choice. You can also use our handy online decision aid.


The material-related differences between the various types of plastics are not apparent at first glance. You know for sure that 12 mm thick panels will be robust. With the help of our selection aid, you can find the right material quickly and easily.


We offer 12 mm plastic panels in different types, colours and finishes so that we can provide a suitable solution for every application. For example, opt for a sturdy HPL panel, or choose an attractive alternative to glass such as acrylic or polycarbonate.


Plastic panels are generally easy to process; however, there are a few points to consider. For example, cast acrylic is easy to process, but extruded will quickly split or break during processing. This is because of the way these sheets are manufactured. With extruded (budget) acrylic sheets, there is an internal tension on the sheet so that they quickly split or break.


Plastic panels of 12 mm thickness can be used indoors and outdoors for many applications. For example, would you like to make a functional and visually appealing bath shelf (great for resting a book or phone)? Bring this idea to life with our 12 mm transparent cast acrylic sheets.

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Use the practical online selection aid to make your choice easier. Simply click on your desired properties, and the selection aid will show you all suitable panels. We offer you personalised advice wherever and whenever you want!


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