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Everything your need to know about Acrylic Mirror Tiles

With acrylic mirror tiles, you can add that little sparkle and reflection to your space in no time. Durability, safety and budget-friendliness are some of the many secrets of these beautiful tiles. On this page, you can read all about acrylic mirror tiles, and how to transform your space with these beautiful tiles.

What are Acrylic Mirror Tiles?

Acrylic mirror tiles are acrylic sheets that mimic the reflective properties of a traditional glass mirror. The mirror tiles reflect just as good as regular glass does, and are available in different shades. Therefore, acrylic mirror tiles give you the opportunity to enhance a room exactly to your liking.

Benefits of using Acrylic Mirror Tiles

The material acrylic in combination with the mirror look creates a unique combination, which offers several advantages. We have listed these advantages for you below.

✓ Budget-friendly

Acrylic is usually a lot cheaper than glass, so acrylic mirrors are also a lot more budget-friendly than glass mirrors. What’s more is you don’t have to replace acrylic as quickly as glass, as they easily last for decades.

✓ In every shape and size

With acrylic mirrors, you can let your creativity run wild. With our handy calculator (found on the product pages), you can order the exact size and shape of the sheet you want. You can choose from standard shapes such as a circle, heart shape or triangle. You can also design your own shape and upload it as a DXF file.

✓ Durability and strength

Acrylic mirror tiles are much more resistant to impact than glass. This can be important in rooms where heavy weights or hard objects can sometimes bump against the mirror. The strength of the acrylic sheets gives these mirrors great longevity.

Installation tips for Acrylic Mirror Tiles

To mount your acrylic mirror tiles as beautifully as possible, we recommend using Mirrorfix-MS adhesive. This is specially made for bonding mirrored acrylic. Do not place the acrylic mirror tiles tightly against each other, because they need to expand a little during temperature changes. Apply the glue in vertical stripes and avoid too much buildup. It is important that the glue is allowed to cure properly, so that no moisture will be trapped.


For best results, make sure all surfaces are clean and smooth before applying the tiles.

Design ideas for Acrylic Mirror Tiles

With acrylic mirror tiles, you can let your creativity run wild. To inspire you, we have listed some cool ideas below.

Create illusions of space
If you don’t have a spacious room, you can use acrylic mirror tiles to make the space look bigger.

Unique patterns and mosaics
Why opt for standard when you can also be creative? Think about geometric designs or maybe even a mosaic pattern.

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Combine with other materials
Mix and match with wood, metal or even other tiles in your creative design for that special result.

Maintenance and cleaning

Acrylic mirror tiles are easy to maintain, but pay close attention to the products you use for this purpose. A simple mild washing suds with a soft cloth is best. Always make sure you dry the edges well. Otherwise, the reflective film may eventually come off. Also avoid abrasives or glass cleaner, these will make the mirror dull.

Order your Acrylic Mirror Tiles

You can order your acrylic mirror tiles in these simple steps:

  • Choose product: Go to the product page of the acrylic mirror tiles of your choice.
  • Enter desired dimensions: Enter the desired shape and dimensions in the sheet calculator. Or upload your own line drawing (DXF file) if you want to order a very specific shape!
  • Add ready-made additions: You can even add drill holes or a cut-out from the mirrored sheet!
  • Ordering: Add the acrylic mirror tiles to your shopping basket, and order right away!

Your order is always delivered quickly and all packages are carefully packed.

Not sure which acrylic mirror tiles you want? Then first order a sample! This can be done via the product pages of the acrylic mirror tiles you are interested in.


Acrylic mirror tiles offer a versatile and budget-friendly option to complement a space to your liking. These mirrored tiles are not only beautiful to look at, they are also durable, safe and budget-friendly. Maintaining these mirror tiles is very easy, with an anti-static cleaner and anti-static cloth. In short, with acrylic mirror tiles you bring a touch of creativity and functionality to any room!