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Everything you need to know about our plastic sheets 8mm

Are you wondering why we love plastic panels so much? Here’s why: there is a suitable sheet in our range for every job, and we offer high-quality plastic panels for all your projects. But, of course, it is imperative to consider the intended use when making your choice.

Material type(s)

Choosing the right material is essential. It determines how long you will enjoy your purchase and how well it will function in your application. We offer different surface structures, levels of light transmission and colour shades. At the top of this page, you will find all our 8 mm thick sheets.


The external characteristics and technical material properties, such as chemical resistance and bendability, are almost unlimited and vary depending on the chosen plastic. The relatively low density of most plastics gives these panels the advantage of low weight.


We have 8 mm plastic panels in various colours and designs, including high gloss, matt and fluorescent. In addition, we offer the correct thickness for every application.


Plastic panels are generally easy to process. We provide many practical tips about this in our blogs and videos. In addition, you can also access our handy decision aid, available 24/7, for individual advice.


Our 8 mm plastic panels are versatile in use. The 8mm sheet is widely used in advertising technology. Coloured 8mm panels are often used as balcony cladding, in stand construction or for decorative purposes.

Plastic sheets 8 mm at the touch of a button: quick and easy

Use the online selection help that is available to you! Simply select the desired properties and, within a few seconds, a list of possible suitable plastic panels will appear.


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