Picture frame glass replacement with acrylic sheet

Picture frame cut to size

Have you broken the glass of your favourite photo frame? You don’t necessarily need to buy a new one. Crystal clear acrylic picture frame glass cut to order is an excellent replacement for traditional glass in photo frames. You can also make a picture frame with double glass.

Glass for picture frames cut to size

A picture is worth a thousand words! Whether you’re replacing the glass of a broken 10 x 15 cm photo frame or a larger 50 cm x 50 cm frame, it’s easy with clear acrylic cut to size. We’ll cut your photo frame glass to the size you need for free, just let us know the correct dimensions when ordering.

Why use acrylic as photo frame glass?

Clear acrylic or perspex is just as clear as ordinary glass. It’s also 30 times stronger and twice as light. Acrylic photo frame glass is easy to clean with an anti-static cleaner. Thanks to these properties, clear acrylic is very suitable for replacing the glass in broken photo frames.

Replacing picture frame

What thickness acrylic for broken glass in a photo frame?

When you replace your photo frame glass with clear acrylic, you can keep the same thickness. Usually, the glass in smaller photo frames is 2 mm3 mm thick. Not sure about the thickness you need? Consult our free thickness aid.

Ordering picture frame glass replacement near me

You’ll find a range of clear perspex in all sizes and thicknesses in our webshop. If you’re not going to machine it, clear budget plexiglass for picture frames is suitable. We will saw any panel to size for you for free, from a minimum size of 10 cm x 10 cm to a maximum of 305 cm x 205 cm. Order your glass photo frames directly from our webshop and we will ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible.

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