Everything you need to know about applications and working with plastic sheets

  • How to cut acrylic mirror

    Learn how to cut acrylic mirror sheets with ease using our step-by-step guide. Our expert tips and techniques will help you achieve accurate cuts every time.

  • Glueing Trespa®

    Do you want to blind-fix Trespa® panels? Glueing is the best option. Read our tips on Trespa® adhesives and the best products to use.

  • How to cut Trespa®

    Are you going to cut Trespa®? In this blog, we’ll give you some handy tips on how to cut Trespa® panels for a successful result.

  • Polycarbonate polishing: everything you need to know

    Is your polycarbonate plastic scratched and dull? Learn how to polish polycarbonate and make it look as good as new. Check out our tips!

  • How to cut PVC

    Are you planning to cut a PVC sheet thinner than 5 mm? In this blog, we explain how to cut PVC with three different methods.

  • Sawing PVC: 3 ways to do it

    Are you planning a project where you’ll be sawing PVC? In this blog, we explain how to saw PVC sheets thicker than 5 mm.

  • All you need to know about glueing polycarbonate

    Which adhesive do you use for glueing polycarbonate? Our blog tells you all you need to know and shows you exactly how polycarbonate adhesives work.

  • How to paint polycarbonate: 7 expert tips

    Can you paint polycarbonate, what’s the best way to tackle this task and when do you paint clear plastic? Discover 7 top tips in our blog!

  • Bending polycarbonate: everything you need to know

    You can bend polycarbonate sheets with heat or when cold. Read our blog to find out all about bending polycarbonate and the best way to tackle this.

  • Milling PVC: top tips for a successful result

    Does your project involve milling PVC? PVC milling is a piece of cake with our handy tips. Check out our blog to find out all you need to know.

  • Five tips for milling polycarbonate

    Are you milling polycarbonate for your next job project? Read our blog to discover tips & tricks for a successful result.

  • Cutting HPL: how to do it

    Does your next project involve cutting HPL panels? Check out our blog for handy tips on the best way of cutting HPL laminate sheets.

  • Laser cutting PERSPEX®: everything you need to know

    Need a PERSPEX® circle, heart, arrow, triangle or hexagon? Laser cutting is the method. Read our blog and discover everything about laser cutting PERSPEX®.

  • How to paint plastic cladding

    Is your plastic cladding discoloured or do you want to give it a new look? Fortunately, it’s easy to paint. Read our tips on how to paint plastic wood.

  • Six tips and tricks for painting on PERSPEX®

    Do you want to make a PERSPEX® painting or upgrade some old plastic furniture? Read our six tips on how to paint plastic for a successful result.

  • How to drill PVC: five essential tips

    PVC sheets are easy to machine. With the right preparation, it’s easy to drill foamed PVC and hard PVC yourself. Read our blog for five essential tips.

  • Glueing PERSPEX®: everything you need to know

    PERSPEX® sheets can be glued together as well as to other surfaces when you use the right adhesive. Read our blog to find out more about acrylic adhesives.

  • Milling acrylic: 6 useful tips

    Are you milling perspex? Then be careful to use a sharp blade and choose the correct diameter cutter. Read our 6 handy tips for milling acrylic sheet.

  • How to bend PERSPEX® sheet

    Do you want to bend PERSPEX®️ but don’t know how? Read this blog to discover the most important tips and tricks for bending acrylic sheets.

  • How to cut polycarbonate?

    Planning to cut polycarbonate? Read our blog for step-by-step instructions on how to tackle this task and achieve the best results.