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Everything you need to know about black plastic sheets

Sustainability is a subject close to our heart. This is demonstrated in our extensive range of plastic sheets from the Greencast® brand, and the fact that we are constantly expanding our range of sustainable products. You will also see that many of our black plastic sheets have a ‘Sustainable Choice’ label.

Material type(s)

Each material type has its own specific properties and applications. It is therefore important to first consider the precise purpose of the material, before choosing your plastic sheet. Another important factor is the appropriate thickness of the sheet. For this purpose, we have developed the selection tool and the thickness calculator. This is how we can always give you tailor-made advice.


Technical properties such as elasticity, chemical resistance and hardness can vary considerably depending on the choice of material and manufacturing process. In our shop, the technical material properties are clearly explained for each material type.


The availability of our coloured plastic sheets varies depending on the type of material and sheet thickness. For example, our black plastic sheets are available in different thicknesses. It is also possible to order your black plastic sheet in any shape and size using the handy configurator on our product pages.


The plastic sheets we offer are generally relatively easy to process. This makes it possible for do-it-yourselfers to also work with our material. In our webshop, you can find detailed information and see the many projects that customers have already carried out with our material.


Thanks to their stylish look, black plastic sheets can be used for many different applications. For example, they are often used for private interior design. In addition, the elegant black sheets are widely used in trade fair construction, as well as in mechanical engineering. Our 4 mm black plastic sheets, and our 5 mm black plastic sheets made from hard polyethylene, are ideal to use as a lid or container. Here the following applies: the thicker the sheet, the more stable it is.

Black plastic sheets at the push of a button: quick and easy

With our selection tool, you can make use of our tailor-made advice – whenever and wherever you want it. You simply select your requirements and an organized list of black plastic sheets will be displayed.


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