Covering a carport with plastic: 3 handy tips

Does your covered carport have an unfinished underside? It’s easy to finish it with plastic sheet material. Carport cladding gives a sleek appearance and is very low-maintenance! In this blog, we’re going to share some tips about which plastics are suitable as carport cladding. We’ll also show you how to apply them to the underside of your carport for a professional-looking result.

# 1. Select the right plastic for carport side panels

HPL is a perfect material to finish your carport. It’s exceptionally durable, easy to maintain and will never rot. For a tight, smooth finish, we recommend using HPL white smooth RAL 9016. White aluminium sandwich panels are also ideal for carport cladding. The critical benefit of aluminium panels is that this type of material barely expands as result of temperature changes. This allows you to abutt the panels tightly together. Alupanel is easy to clean using just a cleaning cloth and soapy water, and it is also resistant to moisture.

# 2. Choose the right thickness of plastic

We recommend using plastic sheet with a thickness of 3 mm – 6 mm to clad the underside of your carport. The exact thickness you need depends on the framework under your carport. If there is no less than 30 cm between the battens, you can use 3 mm HPL white or aluminium panel. If there are fewer battens, it’s best to use 6 mm thick HPL or Alupanel. If you’re not sure about which thickness to choose, consult our handy thickness aid.

# 3. Use the correct adhesive system for your carport trim

Before you can cover the underside of your carport, it’s essential to check that the battens are level. If they are uneven, level the framework using a spirit level or laser and foam filler profiles. Once the battens are level, apply a primer for good adhesion. The choice of primer and glue depends on the material you have chosen. Check the steps per material below.

Glueing trespa requirements

To attach HPL carport cladding with adhesive:

Expert tip: because HPL expands (about 1.5 mm per linear metre), it’s important to allow 5-8 mm of space between the seams. Since you have applied SX Black to the timber framework, this will create a neat black shadow seam, which gives a more attractive and effective result.

To attach Alupanel carport cladding with adhesive:

Order the plastic for DIY carport cladding

Are you planning to cover your own carport with aluminium panels or HPL? In our webshop, you’ll find all the materials you need, from plastic sheets to the recommended adhesive systems and cleaning products. We saw all plastic sheets cut to size for you free of charge. If you have a question about this job or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.