DIY: Making a coat rack from acrylic sheet

Are you a fan of minimalist style and are looking for a coat rack to suit your decor perfectly? You’ve come to the right place! Our step by step instructions show just how easy it is to make a DIY coat rack. Absolutely anyone can do it and acrylic sheet comes in a wide range of colours to suit every taste.

You’ll need

Making a coat rack DIY

Making a DIY coat rack: the basics

For this DIY project, we’re using 8mm thick acrylic sheet in black, a colour we chose to give a sleek look. Naturally, you can use any colour you like, such as white or coloured acrylic. We’re going to make a coat rack 80 cm wide x 20 cm high. If you want to make a child’s coat rack, you can adjust the measurements to suit. Of course, you can also make a larger one.

Tip: Make a smaller coat rack for the kids and hang it under the larger one. By using two different colours (eg a black coat rack for grownups and a white coat rack for the little ones), you can create a playful look.

Step 1: Order the acrylic sheet

First, order the acrylic sheet. We’ll cut the sheet to size for you for free. In our webshop, you’ll also find the spacers needed to make this coat rack. Choose a pair of beautiful coat hooks from your local hardware store and you’re good to go!

N.B.: Leave the protective film in place on the acrylic sheet until you have finished processing. This will protect it from any scratches while you’re working.

Step 2: Drill holes in the acrylic

Stick masking tape on the protective film of the acrylic sheet and mark the holes for the spacers. Drill 4 holes with 10mm diameter in each corner. Make sure that the distance between the edge of the sheet and the edge of the hole is at least twice the thickness of the sheet. Place a piece of wood under the acrylic in which the drill can run. Next, mark the drill holes for the coat hooks. The space allowed between the coat hooks depends on the number of coats you want to hang on 1 hook. For this example, we’re leaving 10 cm between the hooks.

Marking holes for coat hooks
Measuring distance between coat hooks
Drilling in masking tape
Drilling acrylic sheet

Step 3: Fixing the coat hooks

Once all the holes have been drilled, attach the coat hooks using the corresponding screws. Before doing this, remove the protective film (to which your masking tape is attached).

Removing protection foil from acrylic sheet

Attaching coat hooks to acrylic sheet

Step 4: Attach the spacers

Mount the spacers on your coat rack and hang it. Your new customised coat rack is now ready to use!

Attach spacers to knife block
attaching spacers to acrylic sheet
DIY coat rack

Make a unique DIY coat rack

Have we inspired you to make your own coat rack? Order the acrylic you need in our webshop and we’ll cut the sheet for you for free. For more fun DIY projects using acrylic sheet, view our blog! If you have questions about this DIY or about any of our products, please contact us on 0122-3976701 or send us an e-mail.

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