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Via the configurator on our product pages, you can quickly and easily buy your plastic sheets in any desired shape and size by uploading a DFX file. As soon as you have placed your order, we will get to work for you immediately. Our production and packaging process is designed to deliver to our customers quickly.

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Types of plastic sheeting

We offer a range of different plastic sheets. See the various groups below for an overview of their specific properties and applications.

  • Acrylic sheet

    Types of acrylic sheets

    Acrylic sheets are the ideal replacement for glass. It is just as clear and transparent, but more impact resistant. Acrylic sheets are also more affordable.

    More about acrylic sheets
  • Polycarbonate

    Types of polycarbonate sheets

    Polycarbonate is a sturdy material that can withstand high temperatures. One of this material’s most important properties is it’s impact resistance.

    More about polycarbonate
  • PVC

    Types of PVC sheets

    Our PVC sheet material is available in two types: foamed PVC and rigid PVC. View our full PVC range and discover all the benefits of this versatile material.

    More about PVC
  • ACP / Dibond®

    Types of Aluminium Composite Panels

    Aluminium composite sheets are lightweight and easy to work with. These sheets are also Uv- and water resistant, as well as being easy to clean.

    More about ACP
  • HPL / Trespa®

    Types of HPL sheets

    HPL or Trespa® sheets are sturdy and weather resistant. They are completely Uv-resistant and impermeable to moisture due to their top layers.

    More about HPL
  • Polyethylene

    Types of Polythene sheets PE

    Technical plastics are plastics such as polyethylene and hard PVC that possess very specific properties, such as resistance to elongation.

    More about polyethylene