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Plastic protective counter screen

We offer a range of transparent protective screens made of clear acrylic sheet. These plastic sneeze screens act as protective shielding between cashiers and customers. Because most viruses are spread through droplets in the air from coughs and sneezes, you can stop them from spreading with a plastic shield. This protects cashiers against airborne viruses, such as the coronavirus.

Checkout protection screens: why you need them

On March 23rd, the UK government announced an unprecedented shutdown of all non-essential shops for a minimum of three weeks in order to encourage a wider uptake of social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the restrictions, people will still need to visit shops and businesses are looking at a range of methods to protect their customers and staff behind cash registers.

Supermarkets have implemented measures such as queuing management and adjusted opening hours to allow people to buy essentials while also meeting social distancing requirements. But for independent small businesses and those with minimal floor space, many of these changes are not as easy to implement.

In these cases, a simple method of minimising personal contact is to install Checkout Protection Screens, a protective barrier between the workers and customers that will protect against unnecessary contact and airborne particles.

Plastic protective screen for counter or checkout

Our freestanding transparent screens are available in 2 sizes: 60 cm wide x 80 cm high and 120 cm wide x 80 cm high. It is quick and easy to position these sneeze screens using pedestals. They are particularly suitable for placing on a counter or by a cash register as a transparent plastic shield between your cashiers and customers. Hanging protective screens are very useful for supermarkets. Thanks to the two suspension holes, you can attach them to the ceiling in no time.

Why use plastic shielding for counters and checkouts?

The big advantage of acrylic sheet is that it is 2 x as light and 30 times as strong as ordinary glass. This material is also easy to clean and disinfect with alcohol or Burnus anti-static cleaner. Because acrylic glass is equally as clear as ordinary glass, this material is ideal for transparent shielding for your cash register or counter. You will also find these plastic screen cash register marketed as protective screens, plastic counter screens or acrylic shielding.

Buying plastic protective screens

If you need a plastic shield for your counter or cash register, you can order it directly through our webshop. These ready-made plastic shields are produced within 24 hours and are ready for shipment. You will receive your order within 4-7 working days.

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