Tinted polycarbonate sheet grey 6 mm

Tinted polycarbonate sheet grey 6 mm

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This 6 mm polycarbonate sheet in the colour tinted grey is virtually unbreakable. It is 250 times more impact resistant than regular glass. The material is easy to handle and suitable for alterations such as drilling, sawing and milling. Additionally, polycarbonate sheets are UV resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. A protective film covers the sheet to protect it during transport and handling. The sheet will be cut to size before delivery.  
  • Available in a maximum sheet size of 305 x 205 cm
  • Both sides of the sheet are covered by a protective film


  • Vandalism-proof glazing and strong glazing to prevent burglary.
  • Boat windows, interior design, showcases, illuminated advertising and glazing for billboard displays.
  • Technical products and machines, protective covers for machines and applications in the food sector.


  • High impact resistance (250 times stronger than regular glass), self-extinguishing, applicable in the food sector, suitable for cold shaping and UV resistant.


Sawing, milling, engraving, gluing, polishing, bending and twisting.


Specific mass gr/cm3 1,2
Mechanical properties (at 20°C)
Flexural strength N/mm 68,7
Stretch to breakage % >110
High pressure strength N/mm2 78,5
E. Modules N/mm2 2256,0
Indentation strength J/m2 392,4
Impact resistance KJ/m2 No breakage
Tensile strength N/mm2 68,7
Friction coefficient 0,6
Water absorption at 20°C RV 65% % 0,2
Water absorption at 20°C RV 100% % 0,4
Thermal properties
processing temperature (Vivat) °C 170,0
Melting temperature °C 170,0
Linear expansion coefficient °C 67.10-6
Thermal conduction W/(k.m) 0,2
Specific heat KJ/(kg.K) I,17
Maximum permissible temperature, without load °C 130,0
Minimum permissible temperature, without load °C -100
Electrical properties
Dielectric contstant 3,0
Dielectric loss factor tg 0,0009
Breakdown voltage kV/mm 35
Surface resistance Ω >10 15
Specific resistance Ω.cm 10 14
Tinted polycarbonate sheet grey

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