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Coloured PVC foam sheets

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Everything you need to know about coloured PVC foam sheet

Foamed PVC is also called sheet foam or PVC foam board. This type of PVC consists of a hard foam core, which is laminated on both sides with quality paper. The coloured foam sheets have a slightly structured top layer with a matte appearance. Foamed PVC is 2 x as light, but just as strong as solid PVC sheets.

Applications of coloured foamed PVC sheets

You often see coloured PVC foam sheets used for interior applications and the advertising world. This material is ideal for displays and many other purposes including billboards, stand construction, screen printing and ceiling cladding.

Types of coloured PVC foam sheets

In our range of PVC foam sheets, you will find PVC yellow, PVC red, PVC blue, PVC grey, PVC green and PVC black in 3mm thickness. Grey and black are also available in 5 mm thickness. Our foamed PVC sheets are uniform in colour, right through to the core. To give you a good idea of the colour, we mention RAL colour codes with the sheets. These codes are intended only as an indication so if you want to be sure that the colour is suitable for your project, please request a sample.

Working with coloured sheet foam

Foamed PVC is easy to machine and offers excellent adhesion for various printing and painting techniques. You can drill, saw, glue, paint and mill these panels.

Properties of coloured PVC foam sheets

  • Lightweight
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to machine
  • Impact resistant
  • Evenly coloured right through to the core


Soortelijke massa gr/cm3 1,25
Mechanische eigenschappen (bij 20°C)
Buigsterkte N/mm
Rek tot breuk % 370-400
Drukvastheid N/mm2
E. Modules N/mm2 49,0
Kerfslagsterkte (zod) J/m2 geen breuk
Slagsterkte KJ/m2 geen breuk
Treksterkte N/mm2 15,7-17,6
Wateropname bij 20°C RV 65% % 0,2
Wateropname bij 20°C RV 100% %
Thermische eigenschappen
Verwerkingspunt (Vivat) °C 50-60
Smelttemperatuur °C 165
Lineaire uitz. coëfficiënt °C 70.100.10-6
Warmte geleidbaarheid W/(k.m)
Soortelijke warmte KJ/(kg.K) 1,26-1,47
Temperatuur, max. toelaatbaar onbelast °C 50
Temperatuur, min. toelaatbaar onbelast °C 0
Elektrische eigenschappen
Diëlektrische konstante 7,5-8
Diëlektrische verliesfaktor tg 0,08
Doorslagspanning kV/mm 24-26
Oppervlakte weerstand Ω 10 11
Soortelijke weerstand Ω.cm 5.10 11

Indoor / outdoor use

  • Inside

Usage options

  • Light sheet material

Maintenance of coloured foamed PVC

Foamed PVC sheets require little maintenance. With normal use (for example for indoor applications) in a relatively clean environment, you only need to clean the panels once or twice a year. View our tips for cleaning PVC.

Useful to know:

PVC is a static plastic that attracts dust quickly. Treat your panel with a special antistatic cleaner for plastic sheet.


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