DIY christmas inspiration

DIY Christmas: Five ideas to inspire you

It’s time to get the Christmas decoration down from the loft! We’ve got 5 fabulous ideas for you: whether unique homemade napkin rings for your festive table setting, a Christmas tree LED table lamp or a beautiful windlight, our DIY ideas are the perfect way to get in the Christmas mood.

1. Make an acrylic windlight

Christmas isn’t Christmas without candlelight! Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home with an original windlight made of clear acrylic sheet. It’s quick and easy to make the lantern as when you order the acrylic sheets from us at, we’ll cut them to size for you for free. All you need is a dab of acrylic glue and you’re all set. Add a gold, red or green candle and Christmas has really started. You’ll find step-by-step instructions in our DIY blog: Make an acrylic wind light.

Acrylic bowl result 1

Acrylic bowl result 2

2. A stylish bowl for your Christmas table

Perfect as a Christmas centrepiece, to put in chocolates or as a serving bowl for Christmas dinner. You can be as creative as you like as this elegant acrylic bowl is a very versatile design. It’s very easy to make it yourself with the help of our blog post: Make a DIY acrylic bowl.

3. Making acrylic napkin rings

Delight your family and guests by adding the finishing touch to your Christmas table setting with homemade acrylic napkin rings. With a wide range of colours available, you can choose the perfect shade to match your festive decor. In our blog post: Making your own table decoration, we use grey tinted acrylic, 3mm thick. Use moulded rather than extruded acrylic sheet as this is difficult to machine. In the webshop, almost all our acrylic sheets are moulded acrylic except for our mirror and budget acrylic ranges.

4. Making a DIY acrylic LED lamp

The perfect Christmas DIY project: bring a festive ambience to your living room by making an attractive LED lamp from acrylic sheet. Engrave your chosen text or image on an acrylic sheet. Print off an image of a Christmas tree, script or Christmas star and place it under the acrylic, then engrave the letters or outline the image with a Dremel. Then slide your acrylic sheet into place and your lamp is complete.

Watch the video below for a step by step explanation:

Tip: also read our blog about how to edge-lit acrylic with LED.

5. A DIY gift for Christmas 2019

Why not make a totally original DIY Christmas gift yourself? We’ve collected a few quick and easy Christmas gift ideas for you. For example, your mum would love a homemade planter made of acrylic sheet or you could amaze a friend with a customised IKEA LACK table. You don’t have to be skilled at DIY for this easy IKEA hack – you’ll find all the steps explained in our DIY blog on making an acrylic table.

Even more DIY festive decorations!

What’s going to be the theme for your Christmas table this year? Read our blog on making DIY table decorations to find out how to make attractive nameplates and menu cards for your festive table. A bath board made out of acrylic sheet with gold handles is another practical and beautiful addition to your Christmas decor.

Order acrylic sheet cut to size for free

It’s easy to copy our Christmas DIY ideas when you order acrylic sheet already cut to the exact size you need. Discover Plexiglass in an array of colours, finishes and thicknesses in our webshop. We’ll cut the sheets to the exact dimensions you require for free. For more information about processing acrylic sheet, view our blog articles or contact us – we’re always happy to help.