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Everything you need to know about plastic sheets 0,5mm

Plastic sheets are widely used in almost every industry, thanks to their unique characteristics. For this reason, we offer sheets in a range of different colours, finishes and thicknesses. Our thinnest sheet is 0.5 mm thick and made of hard PVC. Discover more about these ultra-thin sheets on this page.

Material type(s)

0.5 mm thick plastic panels are the thinnest in our range. We have developed the thickness aid because it is difficult to estimate whether you need a sheet 0.5 mm, 1 mm or even 10 mm thick. It will help you find the correct thickness for your application quickly and easily. We offer 0.5 mm rigid PVC sheet as a whole sheet only.


Our thin PVC sheets of 0.5 mm thickness are lightweight and are sold per whole sheet. These sheets of hard PVC are transparent and therefore ideal to use as protection for all kinds of displays.


We offer 0.5 mm thick plastic panels made of the material hard PVC. These sheets are only available as a whole sheet.


Transparent Hard PVC sheet is easy to process by drilling, cutting and hot bending. And gluing is no problem. Use the correct PVC adhesive for gluing.


0.5 mm thick sheets are an ideal material for indoor and outdoor use. They are also commonly used in the advertising industry, for example, when the sheets are used as protection for displays, billboards and as stand material.

Hard PVC sheets 0.5 mm at the click of a button: quick and easy

Use the online decision aid! Simply click on the desired properties, and within a few seconds, you will see a list of potentially suitable plastic panels.


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